#16, I-65 1 mile north of SR 267

Sign 16 facing south.


Sign 16 facing south


Sign 16 facing north

Sign 16

Location: I-65 1 mi north of SR-267 west side of freeway.

Latitude: 39.98914719

Longitude: -86.40625763

Zip Code: 46052

Faces 31 and 32: North

Faces 33 and 34: South

Size: Each face is 10.5 X 36.  The faces are double-stacked.

Illuminated: Yes

Terms:  $1,500/face per 4 week period.  Credit cards encouraged.  Faces can be combined.  Production and installation separate.

Contact:  Duane Fredrickson, fredriksonoa@msn.com, 612-616-8133.

Video of sign 16 facing north taken while driving south on I65

Video of Sign 16 facing south taken while driving north on I-65